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The Destination is Reachable

The Association of Information System Technologists (AIST) is a global international consulting firm originated from Adastral Park, internationally recognised as one of the world's leading centres of technical innovation in the communication world. AIST is operating since 1996 and provides its professional services and products to the world's leading Telecom Operators, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Corporate Enterprises.

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Our Mission

To achieve our Customers' business objectives through ensuring the creation of an optimal Enterprise Service Environment in complete synergy among law and technology.

Our Approach

Enterprise Service Environment evaluation, optimisation and management
Development of specific Enterprise Service Capabilities to optimise and maintain optimal the Enterprise Service Environment
End to End Telecom Operations and Enterprise Business Support solutions
Optimal Enterprise Service design, expansion planning and change effects prediction

Our Services

Our Professional Services allow our customers to fully align the legal and the technology aspects of their complex multivendor international projects and to ensure the successful project delivery:

:: Expert Technology Advice in International Agreements in Continental and Anglo-American legal systems

:: Legal Due Diligence in the Intellectual Property Rights, Non-material Assets, Risk management, Issues management

:: Existing Solutions Audit, Reverse Engineering and Gap Analysis

:: Pre-investment Project Feasibility Studies and Economic Effect Evaluation

:: Program and Project Planning and Management

High Level and Detailed Ent-to-End Process, Systems and Network Solutions Design

:: Ad-hoc and Industrial Product Solutions Design, Development, Testing and Deployment

:: Technical training and re-training courses

:: Implementation Management

:: Post-implementation project support

:: Independent Expert Judgment of Project Solutions and Proposals delivered by 3rd parties

:: Independent Commercial Components'/Products' Evaluation

:: Project Delivery and Service Readiness Assessment

:: Preparation of the Documentation of the Tenders and of the Responses to the Tenders

Our Products

Along with other projects, over the past years AIST has been constantly investing in research and development of its innovative Product Line. Our products are delivered to our Customers and Partners as complete, simple, secure and extremely cost effective Business ICT Infrastructure solutions immediately available on-line anytime anywhere in the world using Cloud Computing technology.

With OCMTM your company may immediately setup either real or virtual branch offices in any part of the globe. Unlike other IT products on the market, OCMTM allows all your team members to efficiently work together as if you were in one office independently from where your colleagues and your company's customers and partners are physically located in the world. All you need to have to start using OCMTM is either office, home or mobile access to the Internet with any modern computing device and a web browser. OCMTM provides an unprecedented industrial Voice over IP (VoIP) capability fully integrated with a text and voice messaging, web-based e-mail, file sharing and extremely fast and flexible company business process automation IT system easily adaptable by the user to any type of business niche. It is a perfect solution for a professional on-line collaborative business environment essential for an efficient Enterprise of any size in the new world economy.


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