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The new optimal network and system infrastructure design and delivery. Existing infrastructure expansion planning and change effects prediction.

While designing a new optimal infrastructure (Network, Data Centre, Call Centre, etc.) we always make use of the statistical estimation, simulation, and modeling techniques, and we never use a "best guess" approach.

We take the Service and Service Level Agreement (SLA) oriented infrastructure design approach to meet the objective to deliver the maximal reliability and performance at a minimal cost. It allows us to achieve the ultimate goal of obtaining an optimal infrastructure to reliably run the Customer's Business Processes. In fact, the infrastructure design is always preceded by a management solution design for it, which is delivered as part of the whole solution and makes use of the management software tools. We thus make sure that the optimal design is implemented correctly, and that it is maintained optimal in the future.

We deliver an objective commercial product (COTS) evaluation and provide an independent acquisition advice based exclusively on the Clients' business advantages and technical requirements.

The whole design and delivery process is always following a precise procedure, and it is planned and performed step by step through an agreed design authorisation procedure, within the defined timescales and the budget figures.



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