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AIST Limited uses its know-how and intellectual property, the world class expert knowledge, experience and skills to design and deliver into production the cutting edge industrial “mass production” and “ad hoc” services, products and their improvements based on the innovative Information and Telecommunications Technology. AIST Limited always adopts the industry leading and proven solutions that allow achieving reliable results for its projects.

- Startup projects to launch the new Telecom operators, Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Corporate Enterprises

- Additional Telecom Services or Service Enhancements definition and launch for the existing Telecom Operators

- Telecom Operators, MSP Operations and Corporate Enterprises' Business processes' definition, audit and optimization projects

- End to End Telecom Operations and Enterprise Business Support functionality creation, audit, optimization and enhancements delivery projects for Telecom Operators, MSPs and Corporate Enterprises

- Telecom operators, MSP and Corporate Enterprises' Network and System infrastructure optimisation projects*

- Full cycle technical innovation methodology and project design and delivery processes' definition and roll-out

- Telecom operators, MSPs and Corporate Enterprises' mergers and expansion projects

(* Please refer to an Example Project Business Case in relation to the  infrastructure optimisation projects and to the description of our Enterprise Service Optimisation Methodology - ESOMTM provided below. Please contact our studio for any information on our projects, services and products.)

Infrastructure Resource Optimization Project Example

This example refers to the "Telecom operators, MSP and Corporate Enterprises Network and System infrastructure optimisation project" as one of the project types provided by our studio.

For this type of our projects we have designed and experimented a specific Enterprise Service Optimisation Methodology - ESOMTM, which proved to be a very pragmatic and extremely successful way of achieving the best results in the shortest timescales with a minimal investment budget.

We use other our proven proprietary know - how and the best proven industry leading methodologies and frameworks in all types of our projects to achieve the optimal results.

Some of the key industry leading methodologies and frameworks we adopt in our projects are:

ESE, SOA, ITIL, TMN, eTOM, NGOSS, OOA/OOD, BPM, MDA, EAI, UML, XML, Web Services, J2EE and other.

Infrastructure Resource Optimization Project Business Case

Many various large public and private organisations such as telecommunication service providers, Internet service providers, industries, banks, research and academic institutions perform their day-to-day activities using distributed computer technology, private voice and data networks. They all base their business on the information technology, and they would not be able to survive without it. Many sophisticated distributed network applications such as information systems, multimedia applications, control systems, etc. have been deployed during the years of telecommunications evolution and use the network and distributed system infrastructure that is there to support these applications. The IT infrastructure has grown very fast, especially in the last few years. The network and system resources have been deployed by Enterprises to deliver the necessary application functionalities supporting their business processes. It is often the case that the delivered infrastructure is not in line with its possible optimal configuration when all the involved resources are utilised at the maximum of their performance, and when the necessary response time, resilience and immediate term growth potential are guaranteed. The system and network resources are often implemented under time pressure, with the objective to be placed in production within the short timescales trying to be ahead of the competitors and without appropriate management software tools. This leads to the situation when network or system resources are not efficiently utilised and in some cases there are much more resources available than it is necessary to efficiently run the services. The new services might also be delivered overutilisnig the infrastructure and causing bottlenecks and lack of performance. It is our duty to make sure that the network and system environment is dimensioned in the optimal manner. As the first step we thus evaluate whether a particular environment requires optimisation and estimate possible savings that could be achieved by an optimisation project, which would free up the unnecessarily utilised infrastructure resourses. In case the savings are significant, the decision to proceed to the optimisation project might be taken. In the case of overutilisation of the environment the investment figures will be estimated to bring the infrastructure in line with the application requirements. In that case and optimal expansion design would be proposed for implementation. In both project cases we create specific software tools solution for each particular case that allow the optimisation, optimal design and subsequent management of the environment to be carried out and to make sure that the infrastructure resource utilisation levels do not deteriorate from the optimal figures.

Network and system infrastructure optimization project delivery methodology step by step. The Enterprise Service Optimisation Methodology - ESOMTM that has enabled us to save many millions of dollars to our customers in bandwidth and hardware resources.:


.: The network and system environment evaluation to predict the economic effect of a possible optimisation project

Software tools

.: Design and development of the necessary software tools and customisation solutions for the commercial tools to allow the optimisation to be carried out


.: A gradual implementation of the optimisation project using the developed software tools


.: The Infrastructure Resource Utilisation Management solution design and delivery to maintain the environment optimal according to the defined service level parameters


.: The new optimal network and system solution design and delivery. Existing network and system environment enhancement planning and change effect prediction


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