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Design and development of the necessary management software tools and customisation solutions for the commercial management tools to allow the optimisation to be carried out

After the evaluation phase is complete and in case a decision to start an optimisation project is taken, we proceed to the phase dedicated to the specific management software tools' creation.

The main cause of the infrastructure resource utilisation not being optimal is the lack of or an inadequate use of the infrastructure resource utilisation control systems and of the infrastructure performance management systems.

Focusing on the results obtained by the evaluation phase, we review the existing management system environment and bring it in line with the business needs of the organisation. The commercial management tools are very generic and the requirements are unique, we thus find the most cost effective and quality solution by coming to a best compromise between the commercial management systems adaptation, integration and design and the development of the tools specifically dedicated to a particular environment. We also provide the work processes and procedures that allow the efficient use of the delivered solution. Our systems' and processes' solutions allow our Customers achieving the complete visibility of the whole enterprise service scenario and to ensure its gradual and controlled optimisation.

We don't have a panacea for all possible cases, but develop dedicated software tools for each particular environment and make it possible to design and optimise the complex infrastructure solutions at optimal costs. We create dedicated management tools solutions used to maintain the IT infrastructure resource utilisation at its optimal level. We also develop software Products that are used by our Customers to provide Optimal Entrerprise Infrastructures to the businesses using the most advanced Cloud Computing technology.



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